Scale Control

Limescale is that hard, off-white, chalky deposit that builds up in water systems. More than just being annoying to clean out of kettles and shower heads, it can be disastrous for buildings.
Scale formation is costly and dangerous.
Scale results in more fuel consumption, more CO₂ emissions, and more expensive water heating. It's (unfortunately) a great heat insulator — a layer of limescale as thin as 1mm on a water heater reduces its heat transfer efficiency by 7-8%.
Limescale also provides a habitat for dangerous bacteria, like legionella pneumophilia (which causes Legionnaire's disease).
If that's not bad enough, scale can also block pipes and foul water heaters. If left too late, sometimes the only solution is to cut out pipe sections and replace them.
Scale control is necessary for regulatory and legal compliance.
The Health and Safety Executive's (UK) guidance on Legionnaire's diseases (known as ACOP L8), states that scale control is required in buildings in which water is deemed to be scale forming. Building regulations also require the implementation of scale control measures on new and refurbished systems, where the water hardness exceeds 200ppm.

Our Solutions

Physical Water Conditioning
  • Modifies the structure of the hardness minerals, so they flow through the system and don't stick to surfaces
  • Doesn't add any chemicals, so maintenance is easier and cheaper, and the water's potability isn't affected
  • Great for non-evaporative systems, e.g. closed circuit heating systems
Water Softening
  • Chemically modifies the water, permanently removing all hardness
  • Makes water feel more 'luxurious' when washing, and prevents the build-up of scale around taps, showers, etc. (evaporative applications)
  • Makes it easier for soaps to work - an essential for commercial kitchens and laundry operations

Our Products

Physical Water Conditioning
Water conditioning. Like a softener, without the chemicals.
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Water conditioning, turbocharged.
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Water Softening
The sustainable water softener.
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