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Why should I care about water quality?
Limescale makes heating equipment expensive to operate (1mm on scale makes heat transfer 7-8% less efficient), so if your scale control equipment stops working, you're at risk of spending thousands on increased heating bills. Scale can also lead to damage of equipment in water systems, and it provides nutrients for harmful legionella bacteria.

Harmful bacteria often grows in water, even from mains water supplies. As well as being harmful to people, bacterial growth can lead to slimes forming in pipes, which can lead to system blockage or damage.

Water supplies often has particulates in, which can cause damage to equipment in your water system, or can be harmful to health.
Why trust us?
Our equipment is installed in the UK's most iconic buildings
We care about quality and long-lasting relationships, and our equipment is built to last.

That's why the largest consultants and contractors choose us, and it's why our equipment is installed across your city skyline.
It's also in the best hospitals
When lives are at risk, you don't want to take a chance on your water.

That's why hundreds of hospitals have chosen us. Whether it's by UV Disinfection or Chlorine Dioxide Dosing, we know how to keep your water safe.
We work with smaller buildings, and homes
It's not all about the big companies.

We've got domestic water softeners, and a range of sizes of equipment all across our range.
Our equipment treats water in your food
We work with customers across a wide range of sectors. Factories, labs, and other process applications often need the purest water.

That's why this factory chose to use our HydroMOS® reverse osmosis systems, HydroSOLV® selective impurity removal systems, and HydroION® softeners.
We're global, too
International water treatment expertise, wherever you are.
Don't see your country? Don't let that stop you — get in touch.
The Sustainable Water Softener
Tested, approved, regulated, and built to last.
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Like a softener, without the chemicals.
WRAS approved, precision-engineered, market-leading physical water conditioning. Protects your high-value assets from scale.
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