The sustainable water softener.
Permanently soft water

How It Works

Hard water flows down through the resin, which swaps scale-forming calcium and magnesium with sodium
The freshly-softened water is collected at the bottom
And is pumped back out of the system
The HydroION® disinfects its resin bed during regeneration, without the need for additional chemicals.

The Automatic Regeneration Chlorinator cleans the unit's resin bed with the chlorine that's already present in the salt supply. It then washes the chlorine away before providing water to service.
Duplex models – for uninterrupted supply
Water softeners need a supply of salt, to provide the resin with sodium to be exchanged. This can lead to periods of downtime.

Our simplex models are cost effective if you have regular timeslots with zero water demand.

Our duplex models can give you a 24/7 supply, without any downtime.

Technical Details

  • 80 Fully WRAS Approved Models Available
  • High efficiency strong acid cation exchange resin with high quality mono-spherical grade
  • Independently tested to both BS EN 14743:2005 +A1:2007 and DIN 19636-100:2008-02
  • BIM Models Available
  • Automatic Regeneration Chlorinator
  • Automatic Refresh Mode
  • High Brining Rates Available for Specialist Applications (Cooling tower, humidifiers, etc.)
  • Integrated low brine alarm available with BMS functionality

Use Cases

  • Water heating equipment
  • Serving specialist applications
  • Reverse osmosis plant
  • Cooling towers
  • Combi ovens, pressure steamers
  • Laundry equipment
  • Humidifiers
  • Dishwashers
  • Steam generators
  • Protecting high value capital assets from scale formation

Advanced Features and Options

  • Unique control system to prevent water stagnation in offline vessels - this helps to prevent growth of undesirable bacteria
  • Intelligent control system - controls all functions, records key process data, interfaces with BMS systems, and predicts when service is required
  • Bespoke solutions available, e.g. for high flow rate, high volume demand systems, domestic ranges, mobile ranges
We also offer routine maintenance and the supply of tablet salt.
Tech Specs
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