Physical Water Conditioning
  • WRAS Approved
  • 48 hour effective conditioning treatment
  • Self cleaning with patented reverse polarity
  • BIM models available

Prevents Scale Without Chemicals

The HY-MAG® conditions water with electromagnets, not chemicals. This means you can use the HY-MAG® for potable water supplies, and maintenance won't drive you mad.

Prevents Scale By Making Scale

You read that right.
The HY-MAG® conditions water with magnets, not chemicals. This means you can use the HY-MAG® for potable water supply, and you don't need to worry about maintenance.
Scale loves heat. If you put a hot surface (like a water heater) in hard water, scale forms around the surface in big crystals like this.
Unwanted scale formation in untreated water
The HY-MAG® takes hard water and uses magnets to form little crystals like this. Since they're already formed, they don't stick to surfaces, and instead harmlessly flow through the system.
Desirable HY-MAG-created scale which doesn't form on surfaces.
These images were taken using an electron microscope, as part of an independent study on the effect of magnetism on scale formation. The first image shows scale formation in untreated water, and the second shows HY-MAG-conditioned water.

Technical Details

  • BMS connectivity available
  • Assists compliance with HSE's Approved Code of Practice, L8, for the control of legionnaires disease
  • Maintenance-free operation
  • Supports achieving strong BREEAM ratings

Use Cases

  • Hard water is supplied into your building
  • The water output needs to be potable
  • Protecting high value capital assets from scale formation
  • Protecting water heating equipment from scale formation
Tech Specs
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