Maintenance Contracts and Parts

Sometimes, things go wrong that are beyond your control. Looking after your equipment, and catching problems early, saves you money in the long term and ensures that your equipment is always operating as it should.
What could go wrong if my equipment stops working?
Scale makes heating equipment more expensive to operate and can lead to equipment damage. So, if your scale control equipment stops working, you're at risk of spending thousands on increased heating bills and system failure.

If your bacterial control equipment stops working, your water could be unsafe and could make people ill.

If your filtration equipment stops working, harmful particulates could damage your system and be harmful to health.
Why does equipment stop working?
The quality of your water could change, or there could be failure elsewhere in the system that causes our units to stop working effectively.

Some units have components which need regular replacement or cleaning, like UV lamps, which burn out over time.

And sometimes it can be difficult to tell if something has gone wrong, so a specialist check-up can help you stay on-track.
Why choose us?
We know our equipment better than anyone, and our team of engineers are experts in servicing our water treatment equipment.

We don't take shortcuts, and we use only the best parts. We want you to get the best out of your equipment in the long term, and want to make sure that your equipment is compliant with regulations.

Our Offerings

  • Preventative maintenance plans
  • Call-outs to inspect and repair equipment
  • Spare parts and chemicals
  • 10% discount on spare components for equipment under a maintenance contract
Need parts, contracts, or want to fix a problem?
Our specialist team can explain more about the maintenance contracts we have on offer, or help you find the parts you need.

We can also help if something goes wrong.
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