Water conditioning, turbocharged
  • Prevents the formation of scale without chemicals
  • WRAS approved
  • Five year heat exchanger guarantee available
  • Suitable for high-performance applications
High performance scale prevention
  • For use with hard water supplies
  • Commissioning included free of charge
  • BMS connectivity available
  • Supports compliance with HSE's Approved Code of Practice, L8

Softener-like performance

The TurboMAG® is built for maximum performance. It conditions water with electrochemical and electrolytic principles, and doesn't change the water's chemistry.

You can use the TurboMAG® to protect sensitive equipment, and the water will remain potable.

The best equipment, for your best equipment.

High-tech water equipment (like high efficiency water heaters) can be sensitive to small amounts of scale.

The TurboMAG® passes the world's toughest water conditioning test (DVGW W512) with flying colours, and can protect water heating devices and systems which have:

Prevents Scale By Making Scale

You read that right.
The TurboMAG® conditions water with electrodes, not chemicals. This means you can use the TurboMAG® for potable water supplies, and you don't need to worry about maintenance.
Scale loves heat. If you put a hot surface (like a water heater) in hard water, scale forms around the surface in big crystals like this.
Unwanted scale formation in untreated water
The TurboMAG® takes hard water and uses electrodes to form much smaller scales crystals in it's conditioning module. These smaller crystals don't stick to surfaces, and instead harmlessly flow through the system.

Tailored to your water supply

We program the TurboMAG®'s control electronics to match your specific water chemistry (which we test for free).

If you've got significant variations in water quality (e.g. water gridding), we can equip the TurboMAG® with a sensor — the TurboMAG® will then adapt its settings to make sure you're always getting optimal performance.

Technical Details

  • BMS connectivity available
  • Assists compliance with HSE's Approved Code of Practice, L8, for the control of legionnaires disease
  • Maintenance-free operation
  • Supports achieving strong BREEAM ratings

Use Cases

  • Hard water is supplied into your building
  • The water output needs to be potable
  • Protecting high value capital assets from scale formation
  • Protecting water heating equipment from scale formation
Tech Specs
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WRAS Certificates
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