Water Filtration

Particulates in water can lead to blockages, tank fouling, biological growth, and system corrosion.
Where do particulates come from?
You might think that the mains water that reaches your building is clean, and free from dirt.

Unfortunately, this isn't always the case. Particulates can be picked up in pipework or scale in the system, or even from the main water supply itself.
Why are particulates an issue?

Our Solutions

Particulate Removal
  • Removes particulates from water systems
  • Cost-effective and easy to install
Side Stream Filtration
Provides all the benefits of particulate removal, plus:
  • Tailored for closed systems
  • Easy to retrofit onto existing systems
Works by filtering a small amount of water each time it goes around the system; over the course of a day, it filters the whole water supply several times.
Selective Impurity Removal
  • Removes specific impurities e.g. iron, manganese, pesticides, chlorine
  • Tailored to your requirements, e.g. bore hole supplies
Total Mineral Removal
  • Produces extremely high purity water
  • Suitable for special processes e.g. pharmaceutic production, production engineering, commercial catering, industrial air conditioning
  • Bespoke packages designed in-house

Our Products

HydroFIL® & other filters
The vacuum cleaner for water.
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Selective impurity removal.
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Reverse osmosis filtration. When you need your water to be really, really pure.
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