Reverse osmosis filtration.
When you need your water to be really, really pure.
  • Removes all dissolved impurities from water
  • Removes bacteria, viruses, pesticides, and colour from water
  • High quality German engineering
  • Suitable for pharmaceutical, production engineering, commercial catering, and other applications

Reverse Osmosis. Total impurity removal.

What happens when you put a raisin in water? It absorbs water and swells up.

That's osmosis in action.
Reverse Osmosis
The HydroMOS® flips the switch.

Imagine putting water into the middle of a raisin and squeezing it out. What happens?

The raisin traps impurities on the inside, and only purer water gets out on the other side.
You might have guessed, but the HydroMOS® doesn't actually use raisins. It uses the same principle though — it uses very high pressures to push water across a semi permeable membrane (like a raisin surface), trapping any impurities.

The water at the end is really, really pure. How pure exactly?
HydroMOS 4000 S - 8000 S

Why reverse osmosis?

Easier operation
Than traditional ion exchange methods
Low maintenance and service requirements
Low operation costs and space
No chemicals needed
HydroMOS 2000 - 3500 S


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