Hydrotec Apollo
Copper + Silver Ionisation.
Long-lasting results.
  • Suitable for drinking water
  • Destroys virtually all bacteria in your system
  • Easy and safe to install and operate
  • Self-cleaning with polarity reversal
Easy to use, built to last.
  • Suitable for high ambient temperatures (not volatile)
  • Low maintenance required
  • Small footprint on site
  • Smart control system

Dispersive treatment. Hunts out the bacteria for you.

The Hydrotec Apollo doses copper and silver ions into your system, by applying an electrical current to copper and silver plates as water flows through the unit.

The ions travels around the entire system, destroying bacteria and biofilms. So if the copper and silver are dosed into the water tank, but bacteria manages to enter your system on the way to reaching a tap, the bacteria will still be destroyed. It's not just the water in the tank that's protected.
HydroHOS - 16kg of Copper/Silver

Good news for you. Bad news for bacteria.

Copper and silver ions destroy:
and many others. Bacteria can't develop resistant strains to chlorine dioxide.
HydroHOS - 1kg of Copper/Silver

Energy-efficient Disinfection

Temperature control* is often used to prevent bacteria growth — you keep the hot water hot (above 60°C) and the cold water cold (below 20°C).

These systems often require expensive equipment and have high energy costs.

Copper Silver disinfection can be used instead of temperature control; you won't have to keep the water as hot, so it's better for the environment and for your bank account.

*Per Legionnaires disease, The control of legionella bacteria in water systems, Approved Code of Practice and Guidance, ISBN 0-7176-1772-6, published by the Health and Safety Executive and also known as the L8. Ask us if you've got questions on it!
Apollo Copper Silver
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