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Ongoing Project Updates

Hydrotec (UK) Ltd would like to keep all those interested up to date with some of the projects we have recently had the honour of working on and other industry related news.

Below you will find a number of schemes we’ve had the pleasure of recently being involved with and what equipment we’ve manufactured and supplied.


Assay Office


Hydrotec was asked to look at providing a suitable water treatment solution for one of the UK’s four assay offices. Here the purity of precious metals are tested, only once purity is confirmed can these metals be hallmarked.

Due to the specialist nature of processes involved a very stringent high water quality was required, this was achieved by designing and manufacturing a multistage process delivering water that consistently meets the required water quality parameters.

·         HydroION VAS 25 CS2A water softener

·         HydroFIL AKF 1.0 carbon filter

·         Hardness control system

·         HydroMOS bespoke two stage RO system

·         HydroCON measuring and monitoring unit

·         HydroSOLV VE17 mixed bed deionisation system


Mixed Use Development


Hydrotec is pleased to have been involved with the manufacture and supply of scale and bacterial control for a large mixed use development situated at the western most end of the Vauxhall, Nine Elms and Battersea Opportunity Area, the site will utilise the existing viaducts and archways and will integrate these with more contemporary design.

·         HydroMAG DN100 water conditioner

·         Two HydroMAG DN65 electromagnetic water conditioners

·         Two HydroPUR Standard Bi20 ultra violet disinfection systems

·         HydroPUR Standard Bi30 ultra violet disinfection system

·         HydroPUR thermostatic purge system


Residential Development


Hydrotec has recently completed the manufacture and supply of several water treatment systems that were designed in as part of the services of a new London riverside development incorporating 1700 new apartments, bars, restaurants and waterside recreational areas. The site is located where the Thames meets the River Lea with stunning views of Canary Wharf and the City of London’s Iconic Sky Scrapers.

·         Two HydroMAG DN65 electromagnetic water conditioners

·         HydroION VAS 150 CS1.5B water softener

·         Three HydroMAG DN100 electromagnetic water conditioners


Residential and Office Space Development


Hydrotec is honoured to have manufactured and supplied water treatment systems for installation at the Capitals “new home for modern business”. The first phase of the £2 billion development located on London’s Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park benefits from scale, bacterial control and particle filtration.

·         HydroFIL FAF108 particle filtration

·         Two HydroMAG DN65 electromagnetic water conditioners

·         HydroPUR Standard Bi30 ultra violet disinfection system

·         HydroMAG DN100 water conditioner

·         HydroPUR Standard B70 ultra violet disinfection system

·         Two HydroPUR Standard B30 ultra violet disinfection systems


Hospital Development


Hydrotec has worked closely with the specifying consultant and services contractor to successfully deliver a number of water treatment systems to one of the UK’s three secure mental facilities. This new fit-for-purpose facility located in Berkshire, allows trust doctors, nurses and other hospital employees to work more effectively and efficiently to deliver high standards of healthcare.

·         HydroDOS HD550G chlorine dioxide generator

·         Two  HydroION VAD 150 CS1.5B base exchange water softeners

·         Two HydroION VAD 250 CS2B base exchange water softeners

·         Three HydroION VAD 50 CS1B base exchange water softeners

·         Two HydroMAG DN100 electromagnetic water conditioners

·         HydroMAG DN40 electromagnetic water conditioner


High Profile Financial Head Office Scheme


Hydrotec was approached to propose a solution to the treatment of a cooling tower system and protection of the associated services at One Churchill Place, headquarters to one of the UK’s ‘Big Four’ banking institutions. After extensive research and development a bespoke solution was offered and installed and operational performance has met and exceeded the expectations of the client.

·         Bespoke HydroION VAT 1200 C3A

·         Hardness monitoring and control

·         Bespoke innovative controls and functionality


Mixed Use Quarter


Hydrotec was honoured to have been asked by the appointed mechanical contractor to offer a “one stop shop” solution for the multiple water treatment requirements at a new urban mixed-use quarter in the heart of the City of London. Officially known as One Bartholomew Close. The 3.2 acre development includes approximately 236 residential units, 30,000ft² of retail, and 235,000ft² of office space and benefits from scale and bacterial control for the domestic services and side stream filtration for the chilled and LTHW services.

·         Two HydroFIL TF2.0 side stream filters

·         HydroFIL TF3.0 side stream filter

·         HydroFIL TF5.0 side stream filter

·         HydroMAG DN100 water conditioner

·         HydroMAG DN65 water conditioner

·         HydroPUR Compact 10E ultra violet disinfection system

·         HydroPUR Compact 5E ultra violet disinfection system

·         Two HydroPUR Standard B50 ultra violet disinfection systems


Office and Commercial Development


Once again Hydrotec was asked to offer an all-inclusive water treatment package against a very specific design brief incorporating filtration, base exchange water softening and specialist dosing systems for the treatment of LTHW and chilled systems, this time the scheme was two new BREEAM rated excellent, complementary yet distinctive office buildings surrounded by over an acre of public space in the City of London.  Whilst Hydrotec is known primarily for the protection of cold domestic services, our technical expertise and extensive knowledge of water treatment as a discipline allowed us to offer a number of high quality water treatment systems including innovative dosing stations that met the aforementioned client requirements.

·         HydroFIL FA54 particle filter

·         HydroFIL FAF67 particle filter

·         Two HydroION VAD250CS2B base exchange water softeners

·         Two HydroMAG DN65 electromagnetic water conditioner

·         Two HydroPUR Standard B30i ultra violet disinfection systems with purge valves

·         Bespoke HydroDOS Triplex cooling tower water treatment system

·         Two HydroDOS DA 60 chemical dosing stations


Performing Arts Venue


With the involvement of the client, design consultant and borehole extraction specialist, Hydrotec was asked to look at treating a newly drilled bore hole at one of the UK’s three most prominent publicly funded performing arts venues. The operators of the site located in the South Bank Area of London, advised that the product water was to meet the requirements for wholesome water as defined in the Private Water Supply Regulation, after extensive water analysis’ were carried out to determine raw water quality, we commenced manufacture of a bespoke reverse osmosis that was designed to fit to specific dimensional parameters as well as the production of other associated plant.

·         Bespoke HydroMOS 2000S reverse osmosis system

·         HydroFIL FA42 particle filter

·         HydroION VAD 150 CS1A water softener

·         HydroSOLV MS2162 sand filter