Hydrotec (UK) Ltd was established in the UK in 1992 but has been offering solutions to problems relating to water quality since as early as 1987.

Hydrotec (UK) Ltd currently design and supply:-

  • Electromagnetic Water Conditioners
  • Advanced Physical Water Conditioners
  • Base Exchange Water Softeners
  • Particle Filtration
  • Reverse Osmosis Systems
  • Chlorine Dioxide Generators
  • Ultraviolet Disinfection Systems
  • Closed System Dosing Plant
  • Side Stream Filtration
  • Selective Impurity Removal, Such as Manganese and Iron Removal

…..as well as more specialist bespoke equipment.

Why choose Hydrotec?

• You Will Always Have Access to the Most Cost Effective and Extensive Range of High-quality Technologies

• We Are a Market Leader in Providing Water Treatment Solutions

• We Have Our Own Production Plant in Germany, So Manufacture All of Our Own Equipment

• You Will Have Access to a Dedicated Sales and Design Team

• We Offer the Services of Our in-house Design Team with the Ability to Provide CAD Design and BIM Models

• We Can Provide Free of Charge Water Sampling to Determine the Scale Forming Properties of Your Water Supply

• We Offer Early Involvement into the Project Cycle

• As the Manufacturer We Have Greater Control Over the Overall Water Treatment Solution, Bringing Value Enhancements and Project Innovation

• Access to Greater Technical Support During and After Your Project Means a Truly Bespoke Service

• Unlike Many Others, We Possess Bespoke Manufacturing Capabilities Which Ensures Market Leading Advancements in Water Treatment Technology and Designs

• After Sales Support Team

• We Offer CIBSE Accredited CPD’s

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