• WRAS Approved

  • 48 Hour effective conditioning treatment

  • Patented Reverse Polarity for automated maintenance.

  • 90° magnetic field bisection of the water for optimised efficacy

  • BIM models available

Since the creation of Hydrotec (UK), more than 30 years ago, Hydrotec, through its HY-MAG range of products has been at the forefront of this method of scale control technology. Today we remain at the leading edge, both with the ‘tried and trusted’ conventional HY-MAG, but also with the introduction of the new TurboMAG® for specialist applications.

The Physical Conditioning Process

The key benefit of physically conditioned water over all forms of other treatment regimes is that the water is not chemically modified in any way. This is important as it means that wholesome water treated by this method remains potable and can be used without restriction in all processes that normally require mains quality water. The way in which a physical water conditioner works, strange though it may seem is not to prevent scale formation, but is rather to promote scale formation in a very carefully controlled manner. The purpose of this is to create vast numbers of very tiny scale particles or ‘seed nuclei’, these are created before the areas we are seeking to protect, (calorifiers, plate heat exchangers etc) and once inside the heat application zone will provide a physical surface for scale formation to occur on, in preference to the metal surfaces of the calorifiers and plate heat exchangers etc. Thus any scale formation that occurs simply results in the slight growth of these seed nuclei and so effectively protects the heating and water distribution systems.

The HY-MAG creates these ‘seed nuclei’ in a process known as Magnetically Induced Nucleation and is an effect that has been known of for many, many years. For scale to occur in water systems, there needs to be a significant level of scale forming matter in the water, these are typically the mineral salts of calcium and magnesium (which are naturally present in water, the amount will vary from location to location, depending of source of the water). When dissolved in water, these minerals form ‘ions’ which are charged particles. Calcium and magnesium will always have a positive charge and other ions such as bicarbonates, chlorides and sulphates will always have a negative charge. The function of the HY-MAG then is by the application of a magnetic force to enable some of these ions to temporarily bond together to form these seed nuclei, such as the formation of calcium and magnesium bicarbonates. This is illustrated in the picture below.

Although this process has been known about for some time and several manufacturers have devices based on this principal, all devices are not equal and the principal reason for this is how the magnetic effect is applied to the water.


Right from the initial design concept, Hydrotec realised the significance of important laws of physics, such as Coulombs Law, the Lorentz Force, the Debye Radius and Fleming’s Left Hand rule and the importance that this would have on the effective transfer of magnetic field force in to a conditioning effect in the water. In short Fleming’s Left Hand rule proves that the optimum flow path for water to bisect the lines of magnetic field force is 90°, and that any deviation away from this the effect is reduced and will be zero when the angle of bisection is zero. In addition by optimizing the water flow path, the Lorentz Force (the force generated by the application of a magnetic field to a charged particle) is maximized and thus the conditioning effect obtained by this technique is also maximized. The HY-MAG is the only physical electromagnetic physical water conditioner available that has ensured that the water flow path bisects the magnetic field at 90° and this is significant in the superior performance of this physical water conditioner.

The illustration below shows a cut away sectional diagram of the HY-MAG and how this enables the water flow path to be optimized in accordance with Fleming’s Left Hand Rule. This flow path can also be clearly seen in the cut away HY-MAG, shown below.




In addition the HY-MAG also has several other important design features that directly result in benefits to the user of this equipment. The effect that a physical water conditioner imparts is a temporary effect and there will therefore be some degradation of the effect with time. For some systems, this can be just a few minutes, however with the HY-MAG we have class leading performance and offer full system protection for a 48 hour period.

A common problem with some physical water conditioners, results if either permanent or fixed pole electromagnets are used and this is that deposits will build up in the device itself and can lead to blockages and / or a reduction in the effect that the unit is capable of imparting. However with the HY-MAG, Hydrotec successfully developed and patented the technique of polarity reversal, this means that the poles of the electromagnets are alternated on a continuous basis. By doing this the HY-MAG has become fully self cleaning and requires no maintenance for its entire lifespan! Moreover the unit is designed in a range of sizes, for different flowrates at minimal pressure losses. All HY-MAG units can be supplied with a BMS-compatible controller to enable simple and effective monitoring. For each project where scale control may be considered, Hydrotec will provide a water analysis service via our in-house laboratory to ensure that requirements of the water treatment regime can be accommodated and therefore that your HY-MAG provides excellent performance and value for money operation.

Use of the HY-MAG should be considered where:

  • The water quality would indicate that scale formation is likely
  • Maintenance of potability is required
  • Compliance with the HSE’s Approved Code of Practice, L8, for the control of legionnaires disease is required
  • Compliance with building regulations is required
  • Value for money treatment is desirable
  • Low Energy consumption is needed
  • There is the desire to protect high value capital assets from scale formation
  • There is a need to maintain the performance of water heating equipment to maintain fuel bills and carbon emissions at the lowest possible levels.
  • BMS connectivity is required
  • Maintenance free operation is desirable
  • A high degree of environmental compliance is needed, such as the achievement of a BREEAM rating .

As the designers of water heating systems have become more creative, in seeking to optimise the performance of their units, with the focus on very high levels of thermal performance and the lowering of emissions, some uniquely challenging aspects for the control of the water treatment regime have been presented.

Naturally Hydrotec have worked with the leading manufacturers of water heating equipment to design physical water conditioning equipment that will offer extended performances to successfully treat this type of equipment.